Phantom–Bogle Vineyards-2009

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought some frightful wines were in order.  This wine, appropriately named Phantom, is perfect to take to a Halloween party or dinner.  It is a red blend {which I love} of Old Vine Zinfandel {Oh hello delicious…read about another Old Vine Zin}, Petite Sirah, and Old Vine Mourvèdre.


Bogle Vineyards

Phantom – 2009

Sight: Extremely dark, obscure red. The slightest hint of Phantom’s red lips enveloping the wine in the glass.
Sniff:  Earthy, oak, berries, intoxicatingly mysterious.  What will this Phantom reveal in it’s taste?
Sip:  Amazing.  The seductive kiss of chocolate and berries followed with a welcome, slightly dry and spicy finish.

Perfect for a haunting Halloween.  Mysterious and luscious…leaving you longing for another taste…just like any good Phantom would do.

To hauntingly good wine…Cheers!

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  1. says

    Old vine zins are a fave of mine but I’ve had a really hard time finding them here. Gotta go on another hunt and see if I can find this one!

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