#WW Craziness

What a #WW! {Wine Wednesday in twitter lingo}  If there was ever a day for wine…this would be it.

Picture this…The kids are still home from school for Christmas Break…which isn’t so bad…I actually like spending time with them.  They both have friends over, so the total child count in my house is 5.  Which, once again…not so bad…they play really well together.

Here is the kicker:  My 70 pound dog is flipping out and barking {non stop} because he is old and crotchety and doesn’t like children screaming. I have contractors at my house fixing the guest bedroom and main floor bathroom from what was the Great Crap Back-Up of 2012…no joke…right before Christmas and family coming in town.  My husband is attempting to work.  He works from home so understandably he keeps asking me if I can keep the kids {and dog} quiet.  And I am stuck dealing with it all…and would love nothing more than to be blogging,  but apparently my laptop has an attitude problem and won’t let me connect to the internet wirelessly…I must plug in.  Where is the wireless router you ask??  Oh…in my husband’s office.  Which means I’m S.O.L.

I need a drink.


And yes, that is my Christmas tree in the background.  Yes, I know it is January.

OH!  I forgot…I’m linking up with Danielle at Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl for her Wino Wednesday party.  I’m also doing a GIVEAWAY with her.  Go check it out!  There are some awesome ladies giving stuff away this month!

Also…if you find yourself in my shoes…and you need to buy yourself some wine…for example
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  1. Anonymous says

    So sorry, what a hectic day! As my Mom used to tell me, years ago: COURAGE! (and a glass of wine helps, too!)

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