Tax Time Checklist – Free Printable

With Tax Time quickly approaching, I was reminded that our amazing and beloved accountant retired at the end of 2013.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  So, not only have I been on the hunt for a new accountant  to take his place, I also realized I no longer had the luxury of his handy-dandy tax time checklist.

What’s a girl to do?  Well, make her own, I suppose!


Free Printable Income Tax Checklist,


I went through my past checklists, combined some things, made it look pretty and functional, and here it is!  No more excuses to sit back and wonder what I should be gathering for my taxes.

Sections include:

  • Personal Information to gather – SSNs for family members, etc
  • Income Information – like W-2s and contract work info and forms
  • Income Adjustments – such as mortgage interest and student loans
  • Deductions and Credits – for example medical and dental expenses and childcare costs
  • Paid Taxes – real estate taxes and state or local income taxes paid
  • Other –  add items that are personalized for your tax situation or things your accountant my need that aren’t on this list

The best thing about it?  You can have one too!  Simply click this link Income Tax Checklist  and print.  Staple it to the front of a folder.  Check off items as you put them inside the folder.  So simple, so easy, so DONE!

Now, I am sure not everything on the list will apply to everyone, and you might have items that aren’t on the list that do apply to you.  Ignore the ones you don’t need and jot down the things you do need in the “Other” section.

****Note: I am NOT a tax professional.  This is not to be used as tax advice. Simply a guide to help you gather your forms and information. **** 

How do you get organized for your taxes?  I hope this checklist will help!  Happy Tax Time! 



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