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Kickapoo Creek Winery – Wine{a}be Wednesday

Believe it or not…I have a winery a short drive down the street from me again!  Ok…it is just one winery…and not forty…but who’s counting?!?!?!  I guess that means I found my regular winery!   That was easy.   But, in all seriousness…how many people get to have a winery a few minutes away?  I consider myself pretty lucky.

Last week, my parents came to visit for my birthday.  It was a good time!  One afternoon my mom and I ventured out and discovered a couple great antique shops then headed to the winery for some tasting.   Tucked away around the bend in the road sits Kickapoo Creek Winery in Edwards, Illinois.  It is a quaint midwestern winery with red siding and tin roof, complete with a tasting room, cafe, and banquet hall.  They even do catering.  We didn’t eat at the winery, but I have heard the food is amazing.  Weddings and receptions can be held at the winery as well.  In fact, a friend of mine attended a wedding there not too long ago and she said it was absolutely beautiful.


Windmill, Kickapoo Creek Winery, SprinkledNest


I didn’t get too many pictures of the vineyard grounds as it was chilly outside.  I know technically it is spring…but spring has definitely not sprung in Central Illinois. Burr.  Honestly, I can’t wait to go back, multiple times this upcoming year, to take pictures of the vineyards through the different seasons.  I’m excited to see how a Central Illinois winery compares to a Southern California winery with the different seasons.

Kickapoo Creek sits on over 250 acres with beautifully landscaped vistas.  There is even a lake with a fountain.  14 acres are planted with vines for red, white, and blush wines…which we enjoyed tasting!


Tasting wine, Kickapoo Creek Winery, Sprinkled Nest


It was a yummy afternoon!  My mom {Mama Winemaker} was thrilled to taste the Norton wine.  Apparently Norton is the official grape of Missouri and a prominent grape for their wine industry.  Living in Kansas, a short 30 minutes to the Missouri border, this was definitely of interest to her.  I have to say, it was yummy…we took a couple of bottles home…plus the Nookeenay Meskwaai. {good luck pronouncing that!}  I knew I had to taste it if I couldn’t say it…right?!?!  It is a blend of Foch, Frontenac, and Norton.  Or, in other words…yummy.


Wine, Kickapoo Creek Winery, SprinkledNest


A great afternoon was had at Kickapoo Creek Winery.  The charming windmill can be found on the labels and wine glasses.  I didn’t find any pigs or gargoyles…but maybe next time!

PS…just for fun…a little selfie of my mom and I.  Cheers!





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    Lucky you! I wish I had a winery nearby. Well let me clarify, here in central and eastern NC most of the wines are scuppernog which I cannot tolerate (even the smell makes my nose crinkle lol). So I wish I had a viniferous winery nearby! Great selfie btw.


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