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I grew up visiting Korbel Champagne Cellars in Guerneville, California.  When I would travel to Santa Rosa to visit family, we would always make our pilgrimage to Bodega Bay, Fisherman’s Wharf to have clam chowder, then stop by Korbel on our way back.  Since I was clearly not of drinking age at the time, I was always stuck outside, running through the gorgeous gardens with the other under-age cousins, while the adults were in the tasting room enjoying themselves.  It might sound awful – but truly – those are some of the best memories I have.  And it must be one of the reasons I love wineries so much.

Korbel Champagne Cellars and Winery, Wineabe Wednesday, SprinkledNest.com

About a year and a half ago in November, I was in Santa Rosa again.  It was my first time back since I was 16.  Let’s just say it has been a few years! My family was there, and I talked them into making our pilgrimage again. But…this time…I got to go inside the Korbel tasting room! {I am only in my 30’s}.  Ok…seriously…I have missed so much over the years!  Did you  know Korbel has something crazy like 30 different types of Champagne?!?!?  And that they also have Still Wines {like Chardonnay} and multiple types of Brandy?  I sure didn’t.  We live sheltered lives in the Midwest…only are exposed to what the stores carry…that is definitely a limited range of product.  I was honestly in such awe at the range of champagne, wine, and brandy to taste…where does a girl start?

Korbel Wine Shop and Tasting room Sign, Wineabe Wednesday, SprinkledNest.com

Fortunately, my mom {Mama Winemaker} and dad were along.  So, my dad tasted brandy and still wines, my mom and I tasted different champagnes…then we shared sips!  It was like tasting double…or triple!  WooHoo!

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Overall, Korbel does not disappoint…how could it?  A picturesque French Country Chateau nestled in the fairy-tale, majestic, lush redwoods.  Stunningly beautiful and whimsical gardens, breathtaking vineyards and scenery.  The gift shop is fabulous, the gourmet delicatessen delightful.   You might think you are going for wine tasting, but you will leave with so much more.  A renewed spirit.  A great day with friends and loved ones.  The good memories to last a lifetime.

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Here is the view of one of the Vineyards, across the main road.  Aren’t the vines just gorgeous in November…all pretty yellow?  The backdrop of the evergreens is simply like no-other.  Gorgeous.

Korbel Vineyard in November, Wineabe Wednesday, SprinkledNest.com

A quaint pergola and ornamental gate, tucked in the Redwoods.

Red Pergola, Korbel Winery, Redwoods, Wineabe Wednesday, SprinkledNest.com

Beautiful, rustic brick draped with ivy is found all over the property.  This little courtyard welcomes you with the quaint trickling sound of water from the beautiful lion-head fountain.

Fountain, Korbel Champagne Cellars, Wineabe Wednesday, SprinkledNest.com

Doors and windows are some of my favorite subjects to photograph.  This is one of my all-time favorite pictures.  The red door, white trim, brick and ivy…Love.

Korbel Winery, Champagne Cellars, Red Door with Ivy, Wineabe Wednesday, SprinkledNest.com

Have you been to Korbel Champagne Cellars?  What were your thoughts?

PS…next week I’ll share my favorite Korbel champagne with you!



  1. Sofia says

    Driving along the Russian River, toward the Pacific Ocean…there around the bend is Korbel…the landscaping and beautiful flowers slow the car’s speed down and you find yourself in the parking lot. After admiring the lovely gardens, why not also enjoy sitting on the quaint patio, munching something from the deli, while sipping a glass of Bubbly…Ahh, memories!

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