St. Patrick’s Day Snack – Revisited

I am revisiting this post from St. Patrick’s Day last year.  This is absolutely one of my favorite snacks…of all time.   Enjoy!


St. Patrick's Day snack,

I made these cute St. Paddy’s Day snacks for my son’s school today.  Rainbow fruit kebabs, black plastic cauldrons with rainbow tissue paper and filled with goldfish, and cheese quesadillas made with green spinach tortillas cut out with shamrock cookie cutters.

Every once in a while, I can pull out a cute crafty item at 6:00am with little to no coffee.  Not always…but sometimes.

What fruit did I use on the kebab?  Red = strawberry, Orange = cuties, cut into quarters, Yellow = pineapple, Green = kiwi, cut into eighths, Blue = blueberries, Purple = red grapes.

The black plastic cauldrons I found at my local party store.  By some miracle I had the rainbow tissue paper on hand. I cut it into small squares to insert into the cauldrons before putting the goldfish in.

The cheese quesadillas were fun.  I did find the shamrock cookie cutter at my local hobby store.  Then I used the green spinach tortillas and pizza blend cheese, popped them into the microwave so the cheese could melt and cut them into shamrocks! So fun!

I think I’ll have the leftovers for lunch with my wine.  I deserve it after all that hard work!  Hope you have a happy and safe St. Paddy’s Day.


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