Drapery Finial + Champagne Cork = Happy Matrimony

use a champagne cork to fit a finial to an electrical conduit drapery rod

The great Drapery Swap of 2014 continues… Remember last week when I treated you all to my {fabulous} movie making talents?  Well, you all are in for a treat, cause I’m doing it again!  Ok, so I’m not that great at movie making.  But, I was on a roll that day when I was installing [...]

How to Install an Industrial Drapery Rod

How to Install an Industrial Drapery Rod - Sprinkled Nest

The Great Drapery Swap of 2014 continues with How to Install an Industrial Drapery Rod! I made Outdoor Drop Cloth Curtains for our Covered Patio.  Then I bought new draperies for our FamNookEn {Family Room, Breakfast Nook, Kitchen combo room}.  Ones that would hang up at the ceiling and bring more drama and height to [...]

How High Should I Go?

Hang Draperies at Ceiling Height for drama - Sprinkled Nest

Where should I hang my curtains?  That is a common question I’m asked.  So, I thought I’d address it today. Most people will hang their curtains directly above, or right on the frame of their window.  And, for many people, with 8′ high walls, that is an 84″ curtain panel.  This is a completely acceptable position [...]

DIY Curtain Rod and Bracket

DIY Bracket and Curtain Rod - Sprinkled Nest

Last post I showed you how I made my DIY Outdoor Drop Cloth Curtains.  I puffy heart them!!  Seriously…they make the covered patio.  No offense to my contractor…he did an amazing job building it.  But there is something about the curtains adding that touch of softness, with the rope lights, in the evening.  The spa [...]

Drop Cloth Outdoor Curtains

DIY Drop Cloth Curtain

Picture this: You are relaxing outside in a comfy, padded chair, your favorite cold drink in hand.  Your hair dancing around your face in the warm summer breeze.  Gently, the beautiful, tall curtains flow in the wind.  The warm rope light casts an ethereal glow all around.  The sound of water trickles near by… Are [...]

Flattery Served on a Kitchen Table

18 Affordable and Modern Kitchen Tables, Sprinkled Nest on Hometalk

You guys…I’m smitten!  I cannot express how flattered I am at all the love I have received on my Kitchen Table!  Since posting about the table I bought on Craigslist and totally revamped, by staining the top to match my espresso cabinets and painting the base with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax, I have [...]

Let’s Wallpaper It!

Entry stairwell with Compass and Gold wallpaper from Target on SprinkledNest

Wait…what…Wallpaper???  Yep…I know what you are thinking.  But wallpaper is making a comeback!  Now, we don’t need to go overboard with it and hang it in every room, bathroom, border everything 1980′s style.  But, a little bit, used sparingly and as a nice accent or focal point is a good thing. I was strolling the [...]

Framing the Patio Cover

Framed Patio Cover with sunburst detail

Hi Friends! A lot has happened in the last two days on our patio cover.  Day one seemed a bit slow with only the post footing holes being dug and filled in with concrete. First the crew started with framing in the structural beams for the patio cover.  They had to cut out the existing [...]