Embellished Upcycled Wine Bottles

With all these Wine{a}be Wednesdays, I bet some of you wonder what I do with all those wine bottles?  Well, most of them get recycled to my mom {aka Mama Winemaker}.  She sanitizes them and uses them to bottle the wine she makes.  It is quite convenient…actually…I give her empty bottles, she gives me full ones!  But, a few of the bottles I keep for projects…like this one.  I needed a little something springy on my fireplace mantle.  Enter my Embellished Upcycled Wine Bottles!


Embellished Upcycled Wine Bottles with spray paint Sprinkled Nest


Aren’t they adorable?!?!?!?  I had the vision of them in my head and I’m totally thrilled with the result!!  Here is how I made them…

First pick out some wine bottles.  I tried to use bottles that were of different shapes.  It helps give some visual interest.


wine bottles of different shapes

Then you will need to remove the labels.  I simply soaked them in the kitchen sink with Dawn and some warm water.  Let them sit for an afternoon and the labels came right off.  Make sure they are nice and dry before you go any further.

The next step is to start painting them.  I used spray paint…but you could brush paint on too.  Something like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint would probably brush right on.  {Maybe I’ll try that next time!}


Wine bottles in a box before spray painting


I went out to the garage on a day that was above freezing…which was only last week here in Central Illinois…and then it promptly went back to freezing and snowed some more.  Ugh.  I put a cardboard box on its side and stuck the bottles in there.  The box acts as a shield so the spray paint doesn’t go everywhere when sprayed.


one coat of spray paint on wine bottles


After one coat of paint, the bottles were looking like this.  There are only three bottles in this picture because I practiced on one bottle first.  You will want to do multiple light coats of paint on the bottles…especially at the beginning.  You want to give the paint a chance to adhere to the glass.  And, no, I did not prime the bottles first.


white spray painted wine bottles SprinkledNest.com


About four coats of spray paint later, your bottles will look like this!  All pretty and smooth.  I use a matte white spray paint.  I just love how simple and lovely they look.  Part of me debated on leaving them like this!  You could stop here…they are beautiful in a grouping of multiple bottles…and would make a gorgeous display.  But, I forged on.


burlap, ribbon, flowers, napkin ring holders, embellishments SprinkledNest.com


Remember the pretty rag wreath I made last week?  I mentioned I had another idea in mind for the burlap and ribbon.  Well, here it is!  I used the same ribbons, plus some cute flower embellishments I found in the scrapbooking section, and napkin rings.  Yep…those are embellished napkin rings!  Seriously!!!  I found them at Hobby Lobby.  Awesome…right???

I busted out the hot glue gun and got to work.  I started with the ribbon.  I layered the burlap and green plaid ribbon on three of the bottles.  But I did vary the placement of the ribbon on the bottles.  One is right in the middle, one ribbon is towards the bottom of the bottle and another towards the top.  Then on one bottle I only put burlap.  Just play around with it!  You will see that different shapes of bottles look better with the ribbon in different spots.

Next I hot glued on some of the flowers.  Again, I varied the placement on each bottle.  The bottle with only the burlap ribbon looked better with multiple flowers, three went on it.  Whereas I only put one flower on another bottle, and I didn’t put flowers on two bottles.

Then you get to crown your bottles with their jewels…the napkin rings!  How fun!  Simple, unique, and fun!


embellished upcycled wine bottles  SprinkedNest.com


Here is how they look in the room…


fireplace and tv wall with embellished upcycled wine bottles, SprinkledNest.com


Well, they certainly coordinate with the MLS game that is on TV.  We are a soccer family…either someone is playing it or it is being watched on TV…constantly.  You can view this post to read about how I installed the shelving on either side of the fireplace.  I am still trying to figure out what to put on the shelves…aside from kids books and dog toys.  That will be another post.

Here is an up close of the grouping of three bottles…


upcycled embellished wine bottles SprinkledNest.com


I put one of the bottles up on a candle holder to give added height.  It makes it a bit more interesting to the eye.


embellished upcycled wine bottle SprinkledNest.com


This guy is by himself on the other side of the TV.  He is also sitting on a candle holder.  He just looked better on one than off.  It helps tie him into the bottle grouping on the other side of the TV.

As for why I put three bottles on one side of the TV and one on the other?  Well, design wise, you always want to do groupings in odd numbers.  For some reason, our brains simply like the looks of odd numbers better.  Now, I could have put two bottles on one side and two on another and you could count the TV as one item so that would be five items…an odd number.  But, I honestly try to ignore that darn TV.  Except I can’t because it is so big.  Had I done two bottles here two bottles there, it would have been more symmetrical…which is fine.  I’m just a little quirky and I like to have some symmetry and then some things that are not.  I like the juxtaposition between symmetry and off center.  If that makes sense.  Plus…our TV is slightly off center from the fireplace due to the placement of the stud, where the bracket to mount the TV had to go, so I have slightly more room to the right of the TV than the left.  Three and one just worked better in this instance.

So, what do you think?  Will you try to spray paint, upcycle, and embellish some wine bottles?  It was a really fun project.  Let me know if you do!


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