Simple DIY Rag Wreath with Burlap Bow

I have Spring on my mind!  Even though I’m sitting here typing and there is still a few inches of snow on the ground outside…and more on the way.  {It is never ending!!}  It is March, darn-it, and it should be spring!    After browsing a cute local boutique a few weeks ago, I was inspired to make a rag wreath.  White, crisp, puffy, perfectly imperfect…just what a spring wreath should be.  I pulled down the heart shaped red berry wreath from Valentine’s Day and got to work.

What you will need:

  • Wire wreath form.  I bought mine from Hobby Lobby for $3.00
  • 2 yards or so of any thin fabric.  I recommend it being a fabric that is patterned on both sides, because you will be tying strips of it and will see both sides.  You can mix and match fabric, solids and stripes, colors, get creative!
  • Burlap and ribbon to make a cute bow – or any other embellishments – but this is totally optional.
  • Wire to tie your bow.
  • Scissors and ruler.


wire wreath form and fabric for making a rag wreath,


Begin by laying out your fabric on a flat surface.  I stretched out on the floor.  Now, I had originally purchased one yard of white fabric from the Hobby Lobby clearance section for $1.00.  However, I ended up buying the large 16″ {or 18″… I don’t remember} wreath form…and forgot to go back to grab more fabric from the clearance section.  So when I got home, I realized my mistake.  Instead of running back to the store, I thought about it and realized I had an old white duvet cover hanging out in a basement tote.  It was the perfect fabric to make this wreath with!  I probably used 2-3 yards.


measure every 1.5 inches, snip fabric to make rag wreath.


After you have your fabric smoothed out, lay out your ruler and snip every inch to inch and a half down the length of the fabric.  Next measure down the other side of your fabric about 9 inches and cut all the way across.  Now you will have a 9″ piece of fabric with 1″ snips along one side.  Repeat two or three more times depending on the size of the wreath you want to make.  I doubled up my fabric and snipped multiple layers at a time to make it go faster.

Get shredding!  This really is the fun part.  Just keep ripping the fabric, strip by strip.  It is best done with a movie and a glass of wine…if you ask me.  Before you know it, you will have a decent pile of strips.


Strips of fabric, rag wreath,


But beware…it does get messy…and shreddy.  So, you might want to cover your glass of wine…or you will be drinking shreds.  Before you know it, your legs will look like this…


rag wreath mess,


Awesome…right??  And, you will feel like you are breathing in the raggy mess…which you probably will be.  Oh the things we go through to make cute things!

After you have your pile of strips…grab your wreath form and start tying.  I did a simple knot {tying it twice}, and I tied in a pattern.  Start with the bottom two rings, then tie on the middle two rings, then the top two rings…repeat. And repeat. And repeat some more.  Your hands will probably get tired. No worries!  It is easy to take a break and come back to all the tying later.  I know!  I tied for a bit, went and got the kids from school, tied a bit more, took the kids to soccer, tied some more, made dinner…you get the picture!

Before you know it…you will have gotten this far…


tying a rag wreath,


And after a few breaks of tying…maybe even some help from your kids…you will be done!


Simple DIY rag wreath,


I just love the look of it!  So simple, charming, and adorable!  You could leave it just like this…but I wanted to add a bow.  Go grab some ribbon.  I used a thick burlap ribbon and layered it with a smaller springy green and blue plaid silk ribbon.  I kind of have a pale green, blue and white theme started in my house…you can see from the pillows I bought.  I thought it might be nice to continue sprinkling that color around the house…even on the front door.  Plus, I have another use for these ribbons in mind…more to come on that later!


burlap ribbon, blue and green plaid silk ribbon,


Cut about 3 feet.  Make a bow.  Now, I used wire {thin floral wire} to secure the bow from coming undone.


make a burlap and ribbon bow, tie on rag wreath,


Using that same wire, tie the bow onto the wreath…where ever you want!  I tied it onto the top of the wreath.


DIY rag wreath with burlap bow,


Ta-Da!  Adorable!!!  And so flippin’ EASY!  Here is another shot…


Simple DIY rag wreath with burlap bow for spring,


But…after looking at it…it felt too…perfect for me.  So, I turned the bow to the side…made it more perfectly imperfect.


Simple DIY rag wreath with burlap bow, SprinkledNest.cocm


Aahhh…that is better.  More “Me”.   Here is the far away shot…just for fun.  You can see my little Barkley puppy in the window looking out at me.


DIY rag wreath for spring, with burlap bow,


Yay!  Happy Spring!  Well, ok, maybe it isn’t spring…yet…but it coordinates nicely with the snow on the ground!

Have you ever made a rag wreath?  If you haven’t, you should!  Then come tell me about it!


In need of some supplies?  Here are some helpful affiliate links for you!

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    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love this! It’s so springy and welcoming! I think you should make them and sell them on Etsy…. I’d buy one! :)

    • says

      Thank you Crystal! Unfortunately, no tutorial on the bow. One of those things I thought about after I made it! ARG!! But, it is simply a bow…nothing fancy. Just tie a bow like you would for a hair bow or a pair of shoes. Play with the ribbon to shape. Done!

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